Soccer Guys Game


Kick fun into action with your own set of Soccer Guys!

Twenty-four two-inch players, plus a referee, are all ready to turn your playroom into a world-cup stadium.

With Soccer Guys, there aren't any real rules that children absolutely have to follow. Which means however they play and however they use the figures is entirely up to them.

And don't forget - Once you're finished playing, everything easily packs up in the sturdy plastic storage container for quick and easy on-the-go fun.

Soccer Guys

  • Soccer figures for creative play
  • Encourages imagination, realistic role-play, a passion for sports
  • Features 2 teams - blue and white vs. yellow and blue
  • Each team includes: 11 players plus a goalie
  • 24 players total, 1 referee, 2 goals, 2 inch plastic soccer ball
  • Precisely made, detailed faces and uniforms - Amazing craftsmanship
  • Washable felt field - 24 x 36 inches - Printed with precise, true-to-life lines
  • Players stand 2 inches tall, features 2-inch ball for players to kick around
  • Figurines made of durable plastic - Nearly indestructible
  • Stackable container with handle - Portable for on-the-go action