About Our Balloons

We use only Qualatex balloons, the absolute best.  Regular latex (11 inch) last 18-24 hours.  Mylar balloons last a few days to a few weeks.  

Bouquets - Our bouquets are made of 16 inch (beach ball sized) balloons inside balloons, balloons with confetti and glitter, balloons with balloons wrapped around the outside or twisted inside, balloons with hole in the center and mylar balloons.  These "Specialty" bouquets look the best the first day, will still be up the second day and then depending on temperature will begin to fall to floor.  Confetti balloons will last at least 3 days, mylar balloons up to weeks!!   

Letters, Numbers and Jumbo mylar (Minion, Princess, Flowers, etc.) can be refilled 3 or 4 times.  Bring them by our shop and we'll fill them for $3-5 each, depending on the size.  

Arches and Columns are wonderful for framing stages, banquet tables and points of focus for your party. They also work great around doorways. Call for more information!